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Teea Testimonial


We all have a story to tell. This is my member Teea’s story 📖. “At 20 years old ,I was diagnosed with tongue cancer. My step father died of thyroid cancer the same year. 😭 I did not handle all the stress from my cancer and his death well that I started using drugs and alcohol. I was DYING and same time I knew I had to CHANGE my Life. So I started exercising and realizing that it helped me to release my mental breakdown. So for 3 years I worked out consistently. I didn’t see a lot of change on my body but I still enjoyed it. It helped me to appreciate my body and my well-being. I moved in inland empire this summer. I was looking for a studio to work out and I found Jessica’s studio aka Fit body by Jessica. I took her class without any expectation. However, I was so impressed her class, and joined it right away. Surprisingly, I began to notice a change. I got leaner and stronger. I go to her class 5:00 pm Monday through Thursday. This is my #metime❤️. My head gets clear and I don’t think about anything else except working on my body and my mental health. Jessica has the knowledge and ability to guide clients to reach their goals. ” If you are looking for a studio that can really help you to grow , not just for weight loss, this is the place!! I highly recommend Jessica!!