Monthly Membership

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Monthly Membership

$83.00 / month

Month to Month members pay as you go.

No long term contract.



Month to Month members pay as you go. No long term contract.

Cancel anytime with a 30 day notice. Payments are automatically charged every 1st of the month.

A month-to-month membership is paid at the beginning of every month for access to our studio amenities and classes. The membership is automatically paid each month using a credit card or electronic check saved on file. Members can cancel at any time with a written notification of the cancellation of date.

As a member you will have access to all the classes. Classes are from Monday-Thursday and Saturday. Closed on Friday and Sunday. Please see the class schedule for the current calendar.

A group trainer will help you through your work out every session. Your trainer will also make sure your working out with form and safety in mind while pushing you to your limits so you can get maximum results. We are here to help you every step of the way.

Web Access gives you all the information you need with click of the button. This will give you access to the online portal of Fitbody by Jesssica. The personal how-to videos along with nutritional guides to help you accomplish your goals anywhere you go. Work out with Jessica in the comfort of your own home. Maybe even try to sneak it in during lunch or work hours. Whatever it takes to help get you to your ultimate goal.


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