30 Day FBBJ Workouts

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30 Day FBBJ Workouts

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30 Day workout routine direct from Jessica!




Thank you for creating the ebook! The workouts are manageable to complete even with the busiest schedule. I am a mother of three kids (one 2 months old) and a wife. I am also attending online classes and juggle with my kids activity schedule And husbands work schedule. With that said, I was able to find 30-45 min out of my busy day to dedicate to myself at home locked in my office. I knew that Jessica has created a daily workout that is guaranteed to get your heart rate going to burn calories and build muscle. The workouts can be modified, which was important since I had my 3rd c section that prevented me from full form planks. But Jessica was there to guide me on modifications to build my abs again. You can adjust the intensity of the workouts with weights at home dumb bells, kettle balls or body weight, pretty much what ever you have available. Overall the 30 day e book is an excellent investment. I lost 1 inch around my waist which is a big accomplishment since I am currently nursing my baby and cannot restrict calories like others. The best part is I can hold a full form plank and 5 out of 10 full form push ups. Thanks to Jessica and the ebook I have the energy to wrestle with my kids again.

– Leticia Aguilar