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Lora Testimonial


Jessica you’re an amazing trainer! Your dedication to fitness and lifestyle shows it. You have pushed me in a great way. Before seeing you I never workout and always felt tired. My eating habits were horrible. When I joined your membership two years ago, I quickly learned how important a quality workout is and how eating right was essential to a healthy lifestyle. Now, I’ve become physically and mentally committed to living a healthy lifestyle. Thank you for the interesting topics you share in class as a group. Those topics ended up motivating me. Not only are you smart but you also have a passion to help people become a better person. I believe we all need to be mentally ready to be able to workout consistently. Jessica, you’re great with encouraging your members to challenge themselves. My 1st challenge was to work out 4-5 days a week and I gained that goal! My 2nd challenge was to increase my push-ups and not use my knees. I gained that goal! My next challenge was to lift heavier weights. I started with using a 20 lbs kettlebell to stiff leg deadlift two years ago. Today, I can deadlift with a 100 lbs barbell some days at 110 lbs. I’m still shocked how strong I am getting. My ultimate goal is to deadlift my own weight. You showed me how crucial form is when lifting and to be patient because gaining muscle will take time. Now, I’ve learned how to workout every muscle by attending your classes.

As far as eating I’ve learned to always read nutrition labels, weight my food and make sure I’m eating my protein. Now, I know how many calories I burn and how many calories to consume and never skip my daily protein intake so I can burn more fat and gain lean muscles. Thank you Jessica for making me aware of my body and keeping me motivated during class and outside of class. I’m thankful for meeting you and you’ve become a good lifetime friend.